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Jazaa Global is built on international standards and carries numerous products under its flagship brand “Jazaa”. Launched in March 2016 under the visionary leadership of late Junaid Jamshed, Jazaa Global aims to become a leading food company both locally and internationally. We aim to achieve this by offering a wide variety of ethnic products that cater to the needs of its consumers both in Pakistan and worldwide.


Jazaa Global is entrenched with the single aim of benefiting the consumers, providing them with the products that become a blessing, true to the meaning of Jazaa.

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Our Mission

To become a global company with a single aim of benefiting the consumers. Jazaa Global boasts an international standard state of the art production facility. Along with a core team of professional individuals to help make each product meet the needs of the consumer. Established with the aim to be known locally and internationally as a leading food company with products that cater to each different needs of our consumers.

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