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Seekh Kabab

Gather all your ingredients, take Jazaa Seekh Kabab Recipe Mix, follow the instructions at the back of the box, serve and enjoy!

  • Add all chopped fresh vegetables, Jazaa Garlic paste and Jazaa shahi seekh kabab recipe mix and minced meat. Grind all ingredients in chopper and set aside for 2-3 hours
  • After 2-3 hours add oil and mix well
  • Make a small round meat balls of minced meat. Thread each through a skewer. Flatten the minced meat in a thin layer around each skewer with wet hand.
  • Barbeque these kabab on low heat of coal /gas grill (or in a hot over 275’F). Periodically turn skewer, until the kabab change color. Do not over grill /brown the kabab.

Serve Shahi Seekh Kabab with Tamarind/BBQ/ Green Chutney and salad

Bombay Biryani
Delhi Nihari

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