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After graduating from a local boarding high school in Lahore, (Late) Junaid Jamshed joined the PAF, initially wanting to become an F-16 fighter pilot. His weak eyesight prevented this. He then entered the University of Engineering & Technology in Lahore, where he took Mathematics and Physics before declaring his major in Mechanical Engineering. In 1990, he gained a Bachelor of Science degree, graduating in Mechanical Engineering and worked a short-lived career in Aeronautical Engineering in the PAF’s science command. In the last few years his name has become a symbol in the fashion industry and presently his brand is one of the leading brands not only in Pakistan but internationally. For the name Jazaa, his basic concept is to benefit the customer. According to him Jazaa Global aim is true to the meaning of the word Jazaa. Based on the belief derived from the Arabic word “Baraka” which does not have any other translation yet is the most important ingredient for every business to prosper and grow. With a goal of leading the company to great heights he believes if Jazaa does what it promises (quality products & customer satisfaction), the company will make its own way not only in Pakistan but across the world.


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