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Chicken Tikka

Gather all your ingredients, take Jazaa Chicken Tikka Recipe Mix, follow the instructions at the back of the box, serve and enjoy!

  • Make 2 to 3 Slits on each portion of chicken
  • Mix Jazaa Special tikka recipe Mix, Jazaa Ginger paste , Jazaa Garlic Paste , Food color, 2 tablespoon Oil and lemon juice . Apply on chicken pieces and marinate for 4 hours
  • Put each portion of chicken on skewer and place it on low heat of charcoal /Gas grill
  • Gently brush chicken pieces with remaining oil. Grill evenly on each side until meat is tender and golden brown.

Serve Special tikka with salad, raita and chutney.

Delhi Nihari
Achar Gosht

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