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Young and dynamic Commerce graduate from Govt. Commerce College Karachi, Ali Jabbar belongs to an old Bantva memon business family. He has been engaged in rice and commodity business since 2000 and wants to lead a full-fledged global company. A pro-active and enthusiastic personality with his extensive experience & knowledge, his inspiration towards Jazaa global team is to embrace new product development, discover upcoming marketing trends and invest in human resource development. He believes success comes in many ways and forms. He is successful in investing and building long term businesses. Building a team is the act of improving & maximizing a group of such people who collaborate or work together to achieve a common goal. Team building would generally increase effectiveness between a team as they are a more tuned to each other. He truly believes in, no risk; no reward. He has the courage to begin and the courage to continue. He is willing to not only bet, but go “all in” on himself. He values his time and sees the direct connection between how he spends his time and his well-being. He is always focused on his targets. His aim is to extend the product line and make Jazaa global a global household name.


we are now an internationally certified organization with multiple endorsements and certifications.


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